Arjunox, Inc.
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Seattle WA, 98104
Tel: 415-462-9853

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Arjunox do?
Arjunox is a formulator and a manufacturer of various industrial chemicals used by industrial, marine, automotive and aerospace sectors of the industry.

How did the company start?
It started with producing 2 epoxy products back in the late 70’s by our founders. This developed us into a leading edge chemical formulator and a manufacturer with an array of products for maintenance, repair and operations.

If I need to develop a unique product, can you help?
Yes, we have a group of chemical engineers/chemists with a wide range of knowledge on polymers and coatings. We can have a formula made according to your specifications.

How long does product development take?
Normally for a new products with your specifications, the lead time is 2-4 weeks and thereafter first samples are provided for testing. Any modifications will take time and we will continue until you are satisfied.

I have a product idea, will you partner with me to manufacture and market it?
You can email your request with full details and based on demand, we can evaluate the product. If we are interested, we will contact you and proceed. You may send us a confidentially agreement before you reveal your product idea.

Can I use your in house existing formulas to make a product for us?
Yes we have our own in house proprietary formulations that we normally piggy back on to help speed up the process for you. We can take it right into our manufacturing process to save time.

Can you provide green and eco-friendly products to replace existing products?
We have developed and sold many such formulations. Our chemists will assist in producing a product by replacing anything harsh or toxic and develop a formula ready for manufacturing.

California has stringent rules and regulations on product usage . Do you offer CA friendly products?
Yes we are very familiar with the chemical safety standards adopted in California as well as other states. The answer is, yes!

How much does it cost to develop my own formula?
The range varies depending on what type of raw materials are used and what engineering specifications it must meet as well as what health and safety standards it needs to acquire.

How much does it cost to manufacture a product?
This depends on three things – Cost of raw materials, time it takes to make it and the volume per order.

Where do you obtain your raw materials from?
We have several existing raw material suppliers that we have partnered with to provide us with the highest QC tested quality raw materials thereby making the end product more competitive on price and performace.

After product development is complete, will you manufacture it for us?
Yes, of course. It would be our pleasure to manufacture quality products for you with state of the art facilities.

Will your company do the ASTM testing required on products if I need it?
While most of ASTM is conducted in-house, Arjunox has also partnered with several labs to provide ASTM testing at a cost effective rate.

Do you do UL94 Testing?
Yes we can do it right at our facility.

What types of container packaging do you offer?
We offer various metal and plastic containers in gallons, pints, quarts and 55 gallon drums. We have access to two part, one part caulking and 2 part epoxy adhesive tubes of various sizes. We can also pack it in burst pouches. Mylar yes!

Can you modify an existing product that is already on the market?
Yes of course. Many customers call us from all over the world for this reason.

Can you copy a product and make it for us?
Copy is a bad word in this business but we can match specifications on any product on the market and even perhaps produce a better product and be extremely competitive.

We are an engineering firm looking for help in writing specifications on various coating projects. Based on our requirements, can you recommend products?
Yes we work with engineering folks on a daily basis.

Can Arjunox send an engineer down to our location for consultation on coatings?
Yes we offer this service at a reasonable price. Please call our sales department for more information.

Can you supervise the application of your products?
Yes we send technicians nationwide as well as overseas to overlook product applications.

Do you ship overseas?
We ship world wide to all countries that the U.S. has economic relations with.

Do you have your own brand?
Since 1979, we have been providing certain maintenance and repair products through our EMPCORR and ARJUNOX brand in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.